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Winter Moratorium


October 10, 2014

Winter Moratorium


As a friendly reminder, this is to inform you that the 2015 Winter Moratorium Protection begins November 15, 2014 through March 15, 2015.  Certain low-income residential utility customers are protected from discontinued or disconnected utility service when they cannot pay their utility bill during the heating season.


In order to qualify for the Winter Moratorium Protection 2015, all past due charges must be brought current before November 15, 2014.  If you have past due charges on your utility bill on November 15, 2014, you will lose your protection.  You can be protected again after you pay the past due charges in full.  When past due charges are paid in full, you must also provide us with the letter of protection you receive from The Human Services Department. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at 1-800-688-6780 or 575-758-2258 and a representative will be able to assist you.   


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